This Iconic Costume Designer Swears By This Meditation Practice

August 11, 2017

I’ll admit, I was nervous getting ready to host my first podcast episode. But I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter subject to launch with. Betsy Heimann was patient and kind from the beginning (even offering to find me on Skype and call me back to make sure I got the best audio quality).

I wasn’t sure where to start when interviewing the woman that created the iconic looks of Almost Famous‘ Penny Lane (played by Kate Hudson) and Pulp Fiction‘s Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman), to name a few. She talked to me about all the trends she’s started and went behind-the-scenes of her latest project, Godless—no surprise recently credited the Netflix series with sparking the recent Western trend.

Although she gave me the inside scoop on dressing countless A-list celebrities, I was most surprised to learn Betsy has a little bit of yogi inside of the her. Phrases like “staying in the flow” while designing and the “synchronicity” of having such a female-empowering show air during all the recent Feminist movements gave her away. Meanwhile, the short video above, created by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, proved my hunch—watch the clip to see her creative process. By the end of the interview, I had to know how she remained so calm and peaceful working in the entertainment industry. (Spoiler alert: She graciously filled me in on her daily-meditating practice.)

“If you can reach back to happy times, that’s a good place to start.” –Betsy Heimann, on how women can develop their own sense of personal style

Listen to the inspiring interview below:

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