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Prompt: Your prayer for our world

September 15, 2020

Yesterday, on a long drive sitting in traffic, I listened to a poignant podcast by Tara Brach. In her latest episode, “Awakening from the Trance of Bad-Othering,” she spoke about how to have conversations with people that you disagree with.

It got me thinking about the boddhisatva vow. Jack Kornfield writes,

You can create your own Bodhisattva vow. Sit quietly for a time. Let your body and mind be at rest. Then, ask your heart, “If I were to make a vow, to set the compass of my heart, to give voice to my highest intention, what would it be?” And then listen for an answer. It need not be a poem. It might be as simple as “I vow to protect those in danger” or “I vow to be kind.” Your heart will instruct you.

As you quiet your mind and steady your heart, you can set your deepest intention. It will help you be strong for the long haul. Then get up and joyfully plant seeds for a more compassionate future. Educate yourself about social justice. Stand up against racism and hatred. Give voice, time, energy, care to alleviate suffering and tend our collective well being. Your freedom empowers you to contribute to the world. And your love will show you the way to do so.

Jack Kornfield

And so I ask you, what is your greatest prayer for this world we all share?

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